Business Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Disaster and Recovery Planning

Business disasters by their nature can happen fast and take you by surprise so you the need to make suitable disaster recovery and business continuity plans today!

You also want to ensure that all the potential risks are looked into in detail with expert eyes to make sure no key areas are missed.

We can provide practical help and advice on business continuity and disaster recovery planning to ensure your business is fully protected.


  • Improve business survival ability
  • Protect business viability
  • Potential to lower insurance costs


  • Create plans to deal with sudden disasters
  • Develop plans to protect business continuity

Why Do I Need Disaster Recovery Plans?

Sadly very few companies consider just how they will survive in the event of a disaster or major crisis and this is why 90% of companies who suffer a major disaster without a recovery plan eventually fail.

A good disaster recovery plan is much more than just keeping backups of important data. It’s about having a realistic detailed disaster recovery strategy.

There are many types of business risk that companies face every day and anyone of these could precipitate a major crisis. The following scenario is an example of how easily business disasters can occur:

9:00am Monday morning - many of your staff are already in the building getting ready to settle into the working day. 
Suddenly the fire alarm goes off!
Most of your staff think it's a false alarm, but soon you start to smell smoke so you all begin to move quickly outside.
A few people begin to panic & rush back inside to recover their belongings, while others run to their cars and try to leave the car park. At the same time, late comers are trying to drive in.
The emergency services arrive, but the entrance is jammed, so they have to wait while cars are moved to let them in.
Meanwhile, staff members emerge from the building & collapse from the smoke. In the confusion no one is sure whether anyone is still trapped inside.
You realise you have vital company information still inside the building, but The Fire Service Incident Commander denies you access. It’s now 9:30am.

How you handle the first hour of a crisis like this can often determine the longer term business implications so you can see having a recovery plan is vital.

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